Pyrex Bowl Cooking by Waltierre


little pasta thingys from Outpost
chopped potatoes
white basmati rice
olive oil

Bake: At 350 for a little over 30 minutes.
Processing: Use a mashed potato masher to mash it all down.



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Pushed back, takin on debt
Didn’t even know that I could get credit cards.
Money was tight before
Now it is even more
Hopefully I can handle everything that is in store
For me.
I was meant to be free.
But a martyr unfortunately.
Have I suffered enough for me to let me be.

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Chopped potatos broccoli mushrooms carrots and tofu

Ready for the oven!

There is water and olive oil in the bottom to promote cooking. I will of course place the pyrex cover on the pyrex dish.





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Thoughts on Tonight’s Show 1/25/14

Thoughts on tonight’s show. Trance and Dance, Eric Wennerstrand, and Stone Soup at Frank’s Power Plant.

I think it went well, especially the Trance and Dance Band part. Thankfully a lot of people made it out. Who knows how many more shows we will have.

The rest of the show didn’t have a sizeable audience except for family members and a couple stragglers but that was fun anyway although at points it felt like band practice just at a different venue.

I think the bar had a decent night because a lot of people came in after a show let out at a different bar and Trance and Dance brought a decent crowd so that was good.

Someone told me I wasn’t going anywhere unless I gained self-confidence and I think there is a lot of truth to that statement.

Everyone there is really friendly and I enjoy going to shows at Frank’s Power Plant.

Also I believe some money was raised for but we shall see what the final count is. Sleepy did an excellent job of fundraising.

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Bipolar Nation

The extreme left wants everybody to have healthcare or maybe wants us all to be nearly equal.

The extreme right wants people to die if they can’t afford health care or food for that matter. Because everything is perfectly fairly doled out according to what each deserves, nobody is overpaid or underpaid. Everybody gets exactly what they earned and deserve. So if you’re poor you should suffer. You made your bed, sleep in it. What a horrible ideology and belief system.

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Mountain Stream ( Parachute )

Mountain Steam ( Parachute )

Like a parachute to take me home.

From your billowy skirt to the ground I go.

I see mountains above.

Filling me with a sense of love.

I feel the wet stream and I drink of thee.

Like a parachute to take me home.

It opens up to touch the ground I go.

I see mountains and valleys up above.

Filling me with a sense of love.

I am stricken, Don’t know what to do.

Can I touch a beauty so pure and so true?

Am I worthy to take it in?

Or will she be polluted by another man?

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My New Song, Parachute

Like a parachute to take me home
It opens up to touch the ground I go
I see mountains valleys up above
Filling me with a sense of love

I am stricken. Don’t know what to do.
Can I touch a beauty pure and true.
Am I worthy to take it in?
Or be polluted by another then.

Can I let her walk on by?
Will I do it ’til the day I die?
I think back to remember when
On some day I did it again.

Tires in the ocean. Fish in the sea.
Do unto others what you do to me.
Some kind of bible. To take it on home.
To give you a hint what to do on your own.

Like a Ferris wheel way up high.
You spin me round I wave the ground bye bye.
I see all the people down below
Wondering Should I let it go.

Guitar Solo:



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LIFE Magazine from the 1960s about 6 issues.

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Rainbow Community – Creativity – Ease of codes/structure

Rainbow Community

Capitalism and Competition do accomplish great things. Getting the best talent together to work on the most complex and amazing projects is a great service to humanity.

Socialism in society assures that people will be fed and healthy. Disease will not spread rampantly through the community because of neglect. It assures a basic level of security and implies a basic level of understanding of the qualities of human nature. People are not generally a group of lazy sloths. People who appear to be doing nothing are probably doing quite a lot and getting no credit for it. A lot of things people do cannot be monetized yet are very, very important. We can have a basic level of trust in humanity at this point and guarantee that peoples’ basic needs are met.

We have reached a point where we can have both. We can have the achievements that modern Capitalism allows for and the security and health that Socialism can provide.

We need a more moderate and creative society anyway. We need less strict codes and more creative ones. People should get together and get creative. What other forms of habitat, business, and entertainment can we come up with? Instead of black ink on white paper how about some colors?

Tent communities
Money free zones

You name it, let’s consider it.

Allow for permitting for these types of things and more.

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Genetically Modified Organisms – Unhealthy and Immoral

GMO’s, It’s All About Money

Corporations and companies can’t patent natural life so in order to be able to patent a crop to make tremendous amounts of money off of it they must alter it genetically and then they can patent it. The main motivator in genetically modifying organisms seems to be to patent them to make money off of them.

This is one way that our extreme individualistic themed society is creating a warped set of values. It overvalues individual achievement and it undervalues the achievements of general members of society as a whole. Just because one person came up with something and patented it does not mean that other people would not have been able to do the exact same thing.

Corporations first tested the water of this principle with rbgh or bovine growth hormone. We had no need for more milk, in fact prices were already too low and milk over production caused farmers to dump out milk because the price was too low for them to make any money off of it. The hormone made the cows sick and unhealthy.

Patents in America are valid for extremely long periods of time as well so this has a tendency to stagnate innovation contrary to what the extreme individualist capitalists believe.

That is how GMO is all about money. It doesn’t really have any positive benefit to society but they cannot patent natural life so they have to create GMO’s so that they can patent them and then make major profits from them.

In fact this practice is promoting an unhealthy method of farming with limited genetic variation in the crops being grown. A much healthy method of farming would be to use a wide variety of plants with natural genetic diversity and utilize co-growing of varieties of plants in concert to enhance plants abilities to naturally defend against pests and sicknesses.

GMO has no value. It is playing god. We cannot improve upon nature. Mistakes will be made that could be come difficult or impossible to fix.

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