Genetically Modified Organisms – Unhealthy and Immoral

GMO’s, It’s All About Money

Corporations and companies can’t patent natural life so in order to be able to patent a crop to make tremendous amounts of money off of it they must alter it genetically and then they can patent it. The main motivator in genetically modifying organisms seems to be to patent them to make money off of them.

This is one way that our extreme individualistic themed society is creating a warped set of values. It overvalues individual achievement and it undervalues the achievements of general members of society as a whole. Just because one person came up with something and patented it does not mean that other people would not have been able to do the exact same thing.

Corporations first tested the water of this principle with rbgh or bovine growth hormone. We had no need for more milk, in fact prices were already too low and milk over production caused farmers to dump out milk because the price was too low for them to make any money off of it. The hormone made the cows sick and unhealthy.

Patents in America are valid for extremely long periods of time as well so this has a tendency to stagnate innovation contrary to what the extreme individualist capitalists believe.

That is how GMO is all about money. It doesn’t really have any positive benefit to society but they cannot patent natural life so they have to create GMO’s so that they can patent them and then make major profits from them.

In fact this practice is promoting an unhealthy method of farming with limited genetic variation in the crops being grown. A much healthy method of farming would be to use a wide variety of plants with natural genetic diversity and utilize co-growing of varieties of plants in concert to enhance plants abilities to naturally defend against pests and sicknesses.

GMO has no value. It is playing god. We cannot improve upon nature. Mistakes will be made that could be come difficult or impossible to fix.

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