Everything Is Going My Way

I had a beautiful moment this morning by the lake
I listened to the waves and I could hear them speak
I felt in my mind like everything was fine
Things will get better if only in time

Seeking out things to make me feel good
Searching for the positive because I know I should
Be happy with what I have and things could be worse
Looking for the signs and what I see first

I made decent pay doing Grubhub today
There were fireworks downtown and I had good deliveries
I found parking everywhere it wasn’t too bad
There was music on the radio that made me feel glad

So many things went well for me today I thought
Everything is going my way

Sometimes life feels like a cold reality
Unforgiving consequences of poor choices made by me
I feel like giving up like I can’t go on
But that is not an option and I know I must be strong

Looking for the good in life what do I see today
I have today off from work and things I want to say
I type them down in this form and things are bright and gay
I have a special place to live in space and time to play

What does all this really mean? Maybe I should pray?

Everything is going my way
Everything is going my way
Thank you God this I must say

About Walter

I am an administrative assistant, a musician, and I have a technical diploma in web design from matc dec' 2012.
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