If there is a doctrine to describe our society, perhaps more than Capitalism it is Isolationism.

We keep apart from each other, keep people at a distance.
We live in houses, homes, and apart-ments.
We come up with any possible excuse to ostracize people and send them off to be apart from us in their own tiny cell.
And then when they return we keep them apart by imposing restrictions on their work options, thereby limiting their financial capabilities and giving people a reason to look down on them and distance themselves from them. People just become extensions of society’s criminal justice system and they probably don’t realize it and you can’t blame them I guess but I find it kind of disgusting.
I feel kind of unique in this. Maybe it’s me and another 15% of society or so who sort of look back at society in disgust.
Why do we come up with every excuse to put distance between each other.
We build this impressive peak for everybody to climb and then the ones who make it to the top look down at all the others from their peak of righteousness and laugh and ridicule the others that were unable to attain their greatness. It’s sadistic.
It has been done intentionally
People have created an Isolationist world,
Instead of an inclusive one.

About Walter

I am an administrative assistant, a musician, and I have a technical diploma in web design from matc dec' 2012.
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