Synchronicities Bizarre Luck and Coincidences

Synchronicities Bizarre Luck and Coincidences too bizarre to be luck or coincidence.

This is uncanny and hopefully typing it out won’t jinx it.

My car waited to break down until I was somewhere people could help me.

I had my car fixed last Saturday, 6 days ago, today being Friday. I drove all week to the store and such, not a ton of driving but some. Today I drove all the way to the Ignition Interlock place to get my Interlock device reset since they unplugged the battery when they worked on my car and cutting power to the device required my coming in to have the 7 day lockout code taken off.

I pulled in to the workshop area and as I rolled in I shut off the car and coasted to a stop. The lady there asked me to turn the key to turn the power on again and the whole system was dead, no power at all.

Once the technician guy was available he looked at it for me and the battery terminals were stripped. Somehow I drove around with stripped battery terminals all week and never had any problems until I rolled in to the ingnition place and stopped. It could have happened on the way over or any of the other times I’ve driven to the store or whatnot since Saturday but I made it all the way in to these peoples’ shop and then it died.

They were able to drive me to Farm and Fleet to get a new battery and the technician guy for the interlock place installed the battery for me which was excellent especially because I hate getting dirty.

So they helped me out and I bought a battery for $68 dollars that I can’t really afford but had it happened a couple blocks earlier I would have been stuck on the street and had to get a tow not knowing the battery was the issue.

To me that’s pretty uncanny luck so I’m calling it a Synchronicity which I believe Jung coined the term having to do with uncanny coincidences and luck of that nature. A little too strange to be pure luck or not but just seems so, who knows?

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