There is not enough trust and goodwill in human society especially among the political class.

There is not enough trust and goodwill in human society especially among the political class.
Why do we need to carefully account for each penny made, earned, spent, exchanged? At some point does it not become arbitrary? A person who makes millions of dollars and we keep track of every penny seems arbitrary. Do they deserve exactly $10 million or maybe 8 million 3 hundred 72 thousand? It seems arbitrary. Especially when the numbers get that big does it even matter any more?
Why are some people so worried about food stamps and welfare?
I think we need a fundamental shift in priorities. I mean it may be possible to make the current system work but we could also try a different approach.
A certain level of subsistence guaranteed. Food, housing of some sort, clothing, etc.
Why? For one thing it is much more sustainable for somebody to stay at home and be less active driving around, eating out for lunch, shopping etc. than it is to have everybody working constantly everyday. So while people may be jealous which is why they are so intent on forcing everybody to work because they must hate their jobs and they want everybody to suffer not just themselves unless you have somehow “earned” this life of luxury or someone in your family has “earned” it for you.
I mean I think people should just relax. Don’t worry about what everybody else is doing so much. So what if some people are working a job everyday. I always felt like when I was unemployed, riding my bike around, cooking modest meals at home, I was doing society a favor really. That’s an incredibly green lifestyle. I wasn’t driving to work everyday and using the amount of resources that a working life requires. I was living resourcefully on as little as possible which is commendable I think and perhaps we should encourage or reward such behavior instead of ridiculing and discouraging it. This would be a start to combating global warming and excessive use of energy and resources.
It’s just that I think we should challenge the selfish, conceited, norms of society. That mean-spirited assertion that you must work for what you have which implies that most people aren’t working or don’t want to work which I think is false. People want to be productive members of society and are when given the chance. Also a lot of things people do are very productive and important but they get no recompense for it. One such thing would be cleaning a street corner say. Many would be super inclined to help out wherever needed if there was some way to get recompense for it. If there was a general subsistence living allotment people might be inclined to do things of that nature just out of the goodness of their hearts and to be members of society which is providing them the livelihood and the flexibility to do such things in their spare time. Give people a little freedom and time to do some good and people may be surprised instead now where we try to make life as difficult as possible for the poor and we have all these accusations hurled at them from certain segments of the political elite.

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