The Torture Device in my Car

This ignition interlock device I had to have installed in my car after getting an owi(2) is seriously cruel and unusual punishment and I’m not even kidding. It is so loud I just got home from work and my ears are ringing. It makes this high-pitched squeal every 10 minutes or so when it wants you to retest and it’s a disturbing, horrible noise. Then you have to blow for about 10 seconds and then quickly inhale for a few seconds right after you blow and if you don’t do it quick enough the horn starts blowing and the lights flashing and the flashers flashing and it’s actually quite difficult to do completely sober. My vehicle is no longer even safe to drive like this. I can’t even believe this. There’s got to be a law suit in here somewhere. Or I might as well just shoot myself in the head. It’s all designed to make you feel miserable and humiliate you because nobody is going to have any sympathy for anyone convicted of drunk driving.

Well maybe people will understand my point when this causes a major accident and I wasn’t even doing anything wrong to cause it.

I have now started wearing ear plugs when I’m in my car because the noise is really that loud and disturbing. It is this high pitched ring just below a dog whistle type of sound.

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