A Brief History

I like science and art. I like to read non-fiction and I like music and writing. When I was growing up around age 8 I remember wanting to be a scientist. I liked computers too. I was never able to progress as far in science or computers as far as I would have liked to. My chemistry teacher in high school Sophomore year maybe sensed that when he forced me to put my science project in the school science fair which I grudgingly did but by then I was too far gone. My confidence and work ethic were severely dashed.

Lately I have been given some second opportunities in some regards and I feel like I have been able to reclaim some of that lost enthusiasm and curiosity for science. My first time around in college there were too many distractions and I didn’t really have a sense of direction or purpose. In my early twenties I got into financial trouble and that seemed to take over and be the theme of my life for the next decade or so. Self-esteem dwindled. I didn’t want to take on any more debt to go back to school and probably fail at it again anyway but when my grandma passed and left me some money it gave me a chance to go back to school without having to incur more debt. So I did and got a technical diploma in web design from Milwaukee Area Technical College and that has been enough to give me a leg up so far and give me a start at some fun things to work on and build on.

About Walter

I am an administrative assistant, a musician, and I have a technical diploma in web design from matc dec' 2012.
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