My Release Date is October 24th

This has been the year of reduced freedoms. I use that word with hesitation because we are limited by the limitations of our human society of which we are a part.
Reduced driving privileges.
Two days in jail in June.
Four days in jail in October.

Both stays related to the same offense. Now the reduced privileges are ongoing for almost a year. I can get my regular driving privileges back on July 24th and the breathalyzer removed from my car probably next November.

However altering our lifestyle and making some changes in our life can be a good thing. Perhaps we are missing out on what might be by being stuck within our own present reality.
Perhaps to be free we must learn from captivity.

So release is important everyday I guess, not just on our release date.
Release from stress.
Release from old routines.
Breaking habits and seeing if new behaviors ensue.

May we all get by at the very least and continue to make positive changes in our lives and experience positive things, and affect others in positive ways.

My release date is October 24th. At least then I will be able to go where I want to go and not be confined to my apartment, my work-place, and Wednesday night counseling group sessions, which allowed me to get a jog in in order to get there without driving my car which is just sitting in the parking lot and hopefully not seizing up.

Ah specifics. Relax. Breath. Be good.

About Walter

I am an administrative assistant, a musician, and I have a technical diploma in web design from matc dec' 2012.
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