Thoughts on Tonight’s Show 1/25/14

Thoughts on tonight’s show. Trance and Dance, Eric Wennerstrand, and Stone Soup at Frank’s Power Plant.

I think it went well, especially the Trance and Dance Band part. Thankfully a lot of people made it out. Who knows how many more shows we will have.

The rest of the show didn’t have a sizeable audience except for family members and a couple stragglers but that was fun anyway although at points it felt like band practice just at a different venue.

I think the bar had a decent night because a lot of people came in after a show let out at a different bar and Trance and Dance brought a decent crowd so that was good.

Someone told me I wasn’t going anywhere unless I gained self-confidence and I think there is a lot of truth to that statement.

Everyone there is really friendly and I enjoy going to shows at Frank’s Power Plant.

Also I believe some money was raised for but we shall see what the final count is. Sleepy did an excellent job of fundraising.

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