Coding php and life

Two things:

First coding php.

I’m finding there’s a lot to coding php but you just take it one step at a time. You do a little bit, make sure you are organized and moving in the right direction and then accomplish what you can bit by bit. There’s a lot to it so it’s going to take some time. You can’t do it all at once because processing everything that goes into a website is complex. There is a tediousness to it because you just have to account for every little detail. A lot of it seems like it is not particularly difficult but it is just a lot of work and organization making sure you account for every little thing and catch every little instance of this, that, or the other.

Now life:

I think in life we just need to take the blessings that are offered to us sometimes and not feel like we are in control and can choose exactly what we want. Perhaps this is more relevant to me because I am more of the desperado sort if you have ever heard that song by the Eagles. “It seems to me some fine things have been laid out on your table but you only want the ones that you can’t get.” That is why I am telling myself and perhaps it is pertinent to others also that I should accept the blessings that life sends my way and not feel like I have to be in control or even can be. I will just accept the blessings life bestows on me. This attitude I think takes the pressure off anyways and it is an optimistic attitude. There is always some new opportunity if I do not run from it.

Anyways I have really tried to improve lately and correct some errors I have made in the past and hopefully the work is paying off. I now have some projects to work on in my spare time that I really enjoy. If I could make web design my permanent job that would be excellent so I need to continue to practice and develop my skills with that, which I am. I am also looking for administrative assistant type work because I have experience in that, there is less but still quite a bit of competition, and I need to pay the bills in the meantime.


About Walter

I am an administrative assistant, a musician, and I have a technical diploma in web design from matc dec' 2012.
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